​​​Founder and Director, Molly Barrow, PhD envisions, " A learning experience that will provide the excitement of new skills that will matter to a future good citizen and strong individual, with an emphasis on developing coping skills for life's challenges."

The camp will be open to all school-age children. The camp will feature community leaders, special guest speakers, and professionals form the business world to the sports world. All children may experience personal challenges, anxiety, depression, loss, bullying, or emotional trauma. We teach leadership skills to build self-esteem in a safe environment and to prepare children for a successful future.

On-site planned facilities and features will include: classroom, vegetable garden, orchard, multi-purpose field, pool, basketball and volleyball courts, barn, and corral, playground, nature walk, floatation pools, and much more.

Campers will learn about healthy eating, arts & crafts, growing a garden, caring for animals, playing games, music, and sports while learning the necessary tools for Building SELF-ESTEEM. 


The IMAGINE Leadership Camp will provide classes, workshops, and leadership training for a healthy mind and body. The camp will empower children with the tools and training to become more  self-reliant and to reach their maximum potential.

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