Children will learn the importance of nutrition and exercise to mental health, along with the coping tools needed to overcome their emotional trauma symptoms. These are skills that they can use their entire lives.


Based on excellence in mental health treatment  of children and new research, IMAGINE'S professional staff will diagnosis and treat   children to assist in recovery from emotional trauma and to lead healthy and productive lives.


Traumatized children will have psychological treatment and education to enable them to benefit from and participate with their community and school in positive and healthy ways. 

Providing effective psychological treatment And Education for our children 

    As the director of IMAGINE, I will use my twenty-five years of licensed psychotherapy experience and clinical psychology training and research to improve a child's mental and physical health, and to help improve their choices, self-esteem and social interaction with family and friends. Children deserve to heal, feel happy, to learn, be loved and to want to give back to others.

                        Molly Barrow, PhD


* Every other hour there is another youth suicide

* 11% of children suffer from ADHD

* One in forty-two young boys has Autism, up 30%   from one year ago   

* 10-15% of children suffer from depression

* 30% of children may have a sleep disorder

* Nearly 10% of children are addicted to the       Internet and video games

* 15% of children 12-17 drink alcohol

* 10% of children 12-17 use illicit drugs

* Children who learn about the risk of alcohol and      drugs are 50% less likely to use them

* 25% of children suffer from test anxiety

* PTSD effects the entire family

* One out of four military kids considers suicide

* One in three children reports that he or she has       been bullied

​  (M.I.H.)



Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MH002319

Our Executive DiRECTOR