It takes a team of dedicated individuals to create the IMAGINE Children's Health Center,  a non-profit dedicated to the mental and physical health of children in need.

"As the director of IMAGINE Children's Health Center, I use my twenty-five years of licensed psychotherapy experience and clinical psychology training and research to improve a child's mental and physical health, and to help improve their choices, self-esteem and social interaction with family and friends. Children deserve to heal, feel happy, to learn, be loved and to want to give back to others."

- Molly Barrow, PhD


Dr. Barrow earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is a licensed mental health counselor and educator in private practice. The author of Matchlines for Singles, Stepparenting, and Malia & Teacup children's seriesDr. Barrow is a relationship expert helping individuals, couples, families and co-workers improve their relationships and communication skills. Her commentary and advice column,  quotes, and articles are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide in O Magazine, Psychology Today, New York Times, Parenting,com, MSN.com, Match.com, and Women’s Health


Jaime Rhodes Garrett

Fundraising Chairman

Board of Directors

Paul Herber M.A. 

Music Director

Linda Fejes

Board of Directors

Jeff Schlesinger, M.A.

Marketing Director

Board of Directors

Kealy Griffin

Art Director

Lourdes Araujo

Doctoral Student Counseling

Board of Directors