Imagine Opens Our Doors August 2014

Leadership Training For Middle School

Space Provided by Naples YMCA

Leadership Training High School

YMCA Counselor Skills Training for Children with Autism, Depression, & ADHD

Golden Gate Third Grade Leadership Class at Hodges University

Walk for Imagine

Run for Imagine

Doctoral & Master's Degree Supervision

for Hodges University Student

Volunteer Hours for FGCU &

High School Students


Non-Profit Education, Book Signing and Speaking

IMAGINE Leadership Camp

Kickin' the Blues Festival

The IMAGINE Children’s Health Center was a sponsor participant at the “Kickin’ the Blues” Music Festival for Mental Health on 11/09/22. Dr. Molly Barrow and Jeff Schlesinger along with teen volunteers shared the Imagine mission with attendees. Organizers Frances Wilhelm-Borshell and Brett Borshell of Grounding Wire presented a spectacular community event attended by thousands. 



10% Book Proceeds Donations

Community Involvement & Support

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