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IMAGINE Director, Dr. Molly Barrow is the author of a self-esteem building Children's series, a self-help relationship book and a step parenting guide. A percentage of sales donation  from Dr. Barrow's books helps to fund the IMAGINE Children's Health Center.

Children's Self-Esteem Building Adventure Series

A self-esteem building adventure series about a precocious young girl who finds a small puppy, responsibility, and the truth about her father.

7 years to adult. 

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Parenting & Relationship Self-Help Books

There are more step families then first families. Blending is extremely difficult. StepParenting Essentials provides solutions to many common issues.

Matchlines for Singles may change the way you evaluate a potential partner forever. The Matchlines Theory is unique and eye-opening. You will have a better understanding of past relationship failures and current relationship conflict.

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